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Upgraded HCL (Lotus) Notes Hosting Plan

Standard HCL (Lotus) Domino Hosting

$89.70 / 6 month / 90 minutes support block time
Only $14.95/Month

The managed Lotus Notes hosting package for businesses and individuals with custom or out-of-the-box applications to run on the IBM Lotus Domino Server. Run Lotus Notes applications, e-mail, and Domino web applications. Perfect for those businesses or individuals needing a single application or multi-database application who do not wish the overhead of administration of their own Domino "box."


  • Domain name web site
  • HCL (Lotus) Notes Mail/Collaboration Account(s)
    Note: Licensing for your IDs is separately covered via Lotus Passport between you, the client, and an IBM reseller.
  • Access mail via Notes Client, POP3, IMAP, or Web Browser (HTTP/DWA/iNotes)
  • 10 GB of disk space for your Domino-based application and mail.
  • Support block covers businesses w/up to 50 IDs / e-mail accounts with e-mail forwarding and aliases
    Note: Businesses w/more than 50 users are automatically on the Mindwatering Upgraded HCL Domino Hosting plan.
  • Statistical reports of web site available
  • "Restricted" agent access
  • 15 minutes of support time per month included (1 hour, 30 minutes per 6-month renewal cycle)

  • $25 setup fee for web site and user account(s) if database ACLs are already set by developer. Otherwise, setup is billed hourly in 15-minute increments.
  • $15 for Mindwatering to register or transfer DNS of your domain name for you. (New registrations are $15/year - max 10 years.) As existing domain transfers tend to be time-consuming with complications, this fee covers up to 30 minutes of Mindwatering's support time for the transfer. Clients handling their own domain record transfer referencing our mail/application servers are only charged a $5 fee to cover the time for the web/mail DNS entries on our servers.

  • Increased disk space.
  • E-mail only hosting available on a per mail box cost basis.
  • Notes Client/iNotes user account licenses. (IBM Lotus license CALs). IBM requires Mindwatering to have all customers have their own IBM Lotus Passport for licensing. Licenses are separate from hosting. We can help you with licensing directly w/IBM or an IBM Business Partner.
  • Non-shared, dedicated Lotus Domino servers for your company in virtual machines (VM) on VMWare Infrastructure.
  • QuickTime audio media on-demand from our OS X QuickTime server.
  • Custom Lotus Notes application or Lotus Domino application (web-based application) development.
  • Additional block-time can be purchased at a bulk rate discounted from our normal consulting and development rates.