Application Icons as Links in a View

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Author: Tripp Black

Created: 03/23/2006 at 02:23 PM


Notes Developer Tips

Want to have application (e.g. PDF or DOC) link icons in column on web.

1. Import as Image Resources the icons attached below.

2. Add the following code to two new computed fields on the form.
a. AttachName
@If(tmpnum=0; "";
tmpnum=1; @AttachmentNames;
@Subset(@AttachmentNames; 1))

b. AttachIcon
tmp:=@LowerCase(@Right(P_Attachment1Name; "."));
@If(@IsError(tmp); ""; tmp=""; "";
tmp="xls"; "iconxls.gif";
tmp="sxi" | tmp="sti"; "iconsxisti-oo-impress.gif";
tmp="sxd" | tmp="std"; "iconsxdstd-oo-draw.gif";
tmp="sxc" | tmp="stc"; "iconsxcstc-oo-calc.gif";
tmp="svw" | tmp="stw"; "iconsvwstw-oo-write.gif";
tmp="rtf"; "iconrtf.gif";
tmp="ps"; "iconps.gif";
tmp="ppt"; "iconppt.gif";
tmp="pdf"; "iconpdf.gif";
tmp="mdb"; "iconmdb.gif";
tmp="gif" | tmp="jpg" | tmp="png" | tmp="tif" | tmp="tiff" | tmp="bmp"; "iconimage.gif";
tmp="swf" | tmp="fla"; "iconflw.gif";
tmp="dvi"; "icondvi.gif";
tmp="doc"; "icondoc.gif";

3. Add this code to view column, using custom icon image.
Note: Domino 6.x and higher only. For 5 you will need to write relative URL to include path.

Build-in column icons from the R8.5 and earlier Designer Help

Use the number 0 for empty/blank.
Web path: /icons/vwicn123.gif

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