Displaying Information in a View with a Pseudo Bar Chart

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/17/2000 at 04:27 PM


Notes Developer Tips
Forms/Subforms, JavaScript

By Martin York
Manchester, UK

If you have a collection of documents that contain a field with a numeric value, the following formula in a view column allows you to display a graphical representation of the figure:

@Repeat ( "|";@Length(field))+">>"

Here's an example of how the structure would look in a view:

STATS FOR TODAY (category)
12 ||||||||||||>>
15 |||||||||||||||>>
6 ||||||>>

You could also use view icons, although this could only be used where the originating field contains small numbers. Also, if the view is to be accessed via a browser, keeping it to a text-based representation will speed up the loading of the page.

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