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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 08/26/1999 at 07:51 PM


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I have a form that some authorized clients will compose on web. When submitted it has to run an agent an
copy the document to another database. Ok this is working.

The problem is that the web user need be listed at the field Who can run (un)restricted script agents in the
names.nsf. If they aren't authorized Domino doesn't run the agent.

The following message is returned: HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Error validating user's agent
execution access.

I don't want the Domino validating the web users access to run script agents. It will be more than 100 users!
Please help with
any ideas. TIA!

********************** Answer 1 *****************************

What Domino is looking for when it tries to execute the agent is a comparison of who created the agent and
their access authorization. We have no problems running our agents for our web users. We are in fact 100%
browser based for our users. The way we've made this work is our developers are listed in a group in the N&A
Book. That group is listed in the server document for who can run agents, both restricted and unrestricted.
When a user submits a document via a browser, the agent executes looking for the signature on the agent and
if that agent's signature is authorized to run the agent; not the user.

********************** Answer 2 *****************************
When I get this error, it means that the agent has not been signed by the server itself, only by you.

I go to the server itself and from a Notes client running on the server do a:
File, Tools, Server Administration, Database Tools, Sign Databases

Hope that helps.

********************** Answer 3 *****************************
Thanks Bob and Chuck. I appreciate your help. In fact i solve my problem earlier (what i need is a valid
signature on the N&B like you said). "The answer was on my face", like we say in Brazil.

I tried to tell earlier but i was with some problems on my connection. Thanks again!

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