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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 08/26/1999 at 07:51 PM


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Tom Kennedy
Thursday, 10/01/98 6:43 PM EDT
Need help: Search Site results show only database title
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I got my search site going OK but when I get the search results the matching documents
are listed only with their database title, like this:

(Personnel database)
(Personnel database)
(Personnel database)

and so on. In case it is related, my search URL is in the format

The 'Using this database' help doc on the Search site db says about the search results:

'Each document entry includes a document link and summary information about the
document from the default view of the database the document comes from'

But this is not the case. Why am I getting '(<database title>)' on all my search results? Is
there a 'title' field I need to add to my forms to make this work?


My co. experienced the same problem. We were spanning across 17 databases with a
directory structured search scope configuration. Calls to lotus and troubleshooting revealed
that each database being searched by Search Site needed a default view marked, which is
automatically the view used to display search results. In the absence of such a view, the
system supplies its own version which is the DB title as the link, very ugly and
unambiguous indeed.
There is no published documentation that we have found by Lotus. If you look in the other
discussion forums and search on this topic you will find there is great debate about the
Search Site. Most discussions indicate many developers experience problems with just
getting it to function properly, and then formatting the results. Hopefully coming versions
of search Site will overcome these defects. Good luck.

April Schlake


Yes, the default view is set up in each database included in the search site, by checking
'default view when database is first opened.' In fact for consistency the view is the same
view I copied across each design. But even so the results come back in that ugly generic
format. Yuck.
Is there something I have to do other than check that property?


Go to the VIEW (you wish to be the default)
Go to Properties
choose Options tab
CheckMark option "Default Design for new folders and views"
Repeat for each database to be searched

The "on open" and "on refresh" options can be set to your liking.

Database launch properties don't affectsearch site.

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