Specifying a Frame in a Domino Web Page's Hotspot

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 04/19/2002 at 10:14 AM


Notes Developer Tips

Opening to different frames is quite easy.
However, be careful. Framesets are notorious for making a "bad site" with frames loading in wrong frames, etc.).

To specify a frame in a link in Notes:
1. Open the page containing the link in edit mode.
2. Locate and right click the link and choose hotspot properties.
3. Under the URL field is a frame field. Do one of the following options below.

Frame Options
<blank> - specifies for the browser to take/keep the defaults
<_top> - specifies for the browser to open full window in the current browser window
<_new> - specifies for the browser to open the link in a new window. *
<framename> specifies to open link in the specified frame named "framename" *

* If you enter a frame name that does not exist in the current window, the link will open in a new window instead. In other words, "_new" is just a convention, you can make a new browser open clicking a link with any framename name that does not currently existing in the frameset (browser window that contains the frames).

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