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Created: 09/28/2010 at 02:42 PM


Notes Developer Tips

You have a client using Domino but not for mail (yes, very sad indeed). You need to pass a doclink or database link. But they don't make it to Outlook.
(They do work in iNotes though, but once again, the client doesn't use Domino-based mail, just other apps.)

Besides use Notes/Domino for mail, there are a couple options . . .

You can do a web URL if the Notes app is also a Domino web app. It looks like this:

Available in early R5, but added automatically to the Windows registry late in the R5 stream (R 5.09) is the notes:// URL syntex. It looks like this:
within a web page like this:
<a href="notes://servername/names.nsf">Domino Directory</a>

To add to the registry manually:
1. Go to [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Notes].
2. Do you have this section:
@="URL:Notes Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""
3. If so, this should be working, look for another cause.

If not, you need to add it.
Option 1: Uninstall Notes 5 and install Notes 5.09 or higher.
Option 2: Do the following registry hack. Make sure you back your registry up. Do at your own risk...
1. Copy the content between the dashes below and paste it into Notepad then save it as notes.reg (as an any file).
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:Notes Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="C:\\Lotus\\Notes\\notes.exe %1"
3. Now update the notes.reg file. Update both lines in the file that point where your Lotus PROGRAM directory is installed. You need to update this path to be correct. For us, it is c:\Lotus\Notes\notes.exe; for you, it could be c:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\notes.exe. Make sure you keep the \\ double slashes and save the two changes you just made.
2. Go to Start in XP or the Windows start icon in Windows 7. Enter regedit.exe in the Run box.
3. Import of the file, via File --> Import. It should create a HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Notes section for you.

If Notes opens but doesn't come to the front as the "focus window":
This is due to the MS operating system "focus" setting. There is a "Prevent applications from stealing focus" setting which can be set by TweakUI. TweakUI is a Microsoft support utility. It is "not supplied with further support by Microsoft" - In plain English, if you broke your system using TweakUI, they are under no obligation to fix it for you. The setting is found:
1. Start TweakUI.
2. General -> Focus selection.

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