Change the "No Documents Found" Default Text for a View

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 07/09/2001 at 10:47 PM


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JavaScript, Views

Feature Tip
Title: Display customized message
This tip was submitted by Syed Mohd Waqqas a system analyst in
Ontario, Canada.

Display Customized message (in other Languages too) in place of "No
Document Found" in Embedded Views.

If you don't want to use @dbcolumn as it has a great impact on the
server performance for the large databases, here is an alternative
using Java Script:


Create an embedded view within a DIV Tag on your form as shown here:

<div id="view"> ------> Mark it as pass thru HTML
Your embedded View (Note: Do not select embedded view as Pass Thru
</div> ------> Mark it as pass thru HTML

Create the customized message within DIV Tag which you want to
display when there is no document in the view as shown here:

<div id="msg"> ---------> Mark it as pass Thru HTML
Customized message (Note: This line is not pass thru HTML)
</div> ----> Mark it as pass Thru HTML

Put the following code In JS Header :

function HideView() {
var tableTags = document.all.tags('tr') ;
if (tableTags.length==0)


Put the following code in On Load Event:

END CODE,289483,sid4_gci561011,00.html

The next button is trickier. Either you can use a lookup and count the number of documents available, compare that against the number in the &Start= parameter to determine if you want to display it or not. This is not, however, an ideal solution since DbFunctions only can return 64kb of data.
There for I recommend to, once more, resort to JavaScript. Count the number of links on a page that only displays one document and write this:
<SCRIPT>if(document.links.length><NumberOfYourLinks>){document.write("<A HREF="+
NextLink+">Next Link</A>")}</SCRIPT>

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