Quickr / QuickPlace Search Not Return Results

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 05/19/2008 at 02:54 PM


Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting

New documents added to a Place are not showing up w/searches. Index appears to be out of date. Delete and rebuild of places' search.nsf doesn't fix the issue.

1. If deleting and re-creating the index does not work, try rebuilding index w/updall:
load updall -RX LotusQuickr\myplacefolder\search.nsf

2. If updall doesn't work, check the Search site's search configuration document.

a. Does Search Scope Configuration exist?
- a1: If not, go into designer and preview in Notes the form to create one. Complete as follows:
Scope: Directory
Server: <blank>
Directory: LotusQuickr\myplacefolder
Full Text Index Options: Index Full Document and Attachments
- a2: If so, check that the configuration is correct. If it is not (because of a folder name for example), then fix the configuration doc and delete all the other documents in the database views. Delete the FT index.

b. Run updall like step 1 above to recreate the index.

c. If that doesn't work...
- c1: Delete the existing search database and it's FT index folder.
- c2: Create a database copy, overwriting existing search.
- c3: Create a new search scope doc as in step 2 above.
- c4: Run updall like step 1 above to create the index.
Warning: Not o/s copy, we want a different db rep id.

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