Lotus Domino Server Tasks (Services) List

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 12/05/2007 at 03:33 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations
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The Domino server is a collection of services called tasks.

Core tasks
(Generally run on all servers unless specified)

Task Exe.Task NameTask Description
nserviceIncluded as most of us run Domino as a service in Windows.
nserverDatabase ServerProvides core database services - will be multiple threads handling process and user/server connections.
nrouterRouterMail router for sending NRPC mail.
nprocmonProcess MonitorMonitors server tasks for failure, initiates Domino fault and restart when occurs.
namgrAgent ManagerRuns scheduled agents - usually multiple instances. Number of namgr tasks depends on day vs night settings in server document.
nadminpAdministrative ProcessPerforms many of the tedious and multi-step maintenance tasks in a Domino Domain (environment).
nhttpHTTP ServerRuns the Domino web server. Run on all servers hosting web mail or web applications.
nldapLDAP ServerRuns the Domino LDAP server on administrative server for Lotus Domain. Not usually run on other Domino servers.
nsmtpSMTP Server (Listener)Used for Domino servers receiving SMTP mail from Internet. Otherwise, not needed.
nreplicaReplicatorReplicates / syncs changes within same applications between Domino servers. Needed if you have more than one Domino server.
neventEvent MonitorMonitors system for events to handle.
nupdateIndexerProvides view index updates on server.
ncaCA ProcessCertificate authority which handles server-based certificate requests, renewals, and renames.
ndircatDirectory CatalogerUpdates directory information from Domino Directories into the Directory Catalog (dircat.nsf) database.
ndiiopDIIOPJava IIOP server for Domino that handles local or remote CORBA calls. Most of us don't run this anymore.
nimapIMAPProvides mail IMAP server for Domino that handles mail clients that use the IMAP format. (Superior to POP3. Use this if politics allow.)
npopPOP3Provides mail POP3 server for Domino that handles mail clients that use the POP version 3 format. (Use IMAP instead if politics allow as it supports server-based folders, mail stays on server for easier backup.)

Statistical Tasks
(Generally run on hub servers unless specified)

Task Exe.Task NameTask Description
nmtcMessage TrackingEnables historical tracking of messages within the Admin client. Summary data is collected and stored in the mtstore.nsf database. (Should be enabled for all Domino servers that route mail.)
ncollect Statistics CollectorRun on a "hub" server and collects "spoke" Domino server(s)' statistics and populates statistics into statrep.nsf
nstatsStatsGenerates statistics for a remote server on demand. (Run on a "spoke" server for a "hub" server to request statistics.)
nstatisticsStatisticsRecords "this" server database activity in the stats log file. By default, runs via notes.ini at 5:00 AM.
nrunjavaRunJava ISpyA runjava option, allows admins to send mail probes to test mail routing w/o having to send test e-mails.

Calendaring Tasks
(Generally run on mail and calendaring servers)

Task Exe.Task NameTask Description
nschedSchedule ManagerPerforms schedule lookups for PIM (Personal Information Management) for user calendaring and reservations.
nrnrmgr Rooms and Resources ManagerPerforms room/resource lookups, reschedules, meeting invitations, cancellations, and busytime database updates for PIM functionality for user calendaring meeting reservations.
ncalconnCalendar ConnectorHandles free-time requests from users/other servers for calendaring functionality for PIM functionality for user calendaring and reservations.

Maintenance (Scheduled)Tasks
(Generally run in notes.ini at certain times or via Program documents)

ndesignDesignerUpdates database designs to their templates.
By default, runs via notes.ini at 1:00 AM. (Can be disabled on spoke servers that don't contain master templates.)
ncatalog(Database) CatalogUpdates database application information into the Catalog database.
By default, runs via notes.ini at 1:00 AM.
nupdallUpdallUpdates view indexes and full-text indexes for all databases on server to ensure all index integrity.
By default, runs via notes.ini at 2:00 AM.
nobjectObjectProvides maintenance for shared mail.
By default, runs via notes.ini at 3:00 AM. (Remove from notes.ini unless you use shared mail.)
nfixupDatabase FixupScans and fixes corrupted databases. (Run via Program document as needed.)
ncompactDatabase CompactorCompacts databases to free white-space or additionally to reduce file size on disk. Can also be run as a database fixup-tool or to upgrade or downgrade a database ODS (database structure version). (Rujn via Program document as needed.)

Example Program Document:
Program: nserver (or just server for Linux)
Command Line: -C "tell http quit"

The filenames assume MS Windows installation. Drop the leading n for Linux.
A complete list is the the Administator Help database, do a search on "Domino server tasks".

Other common tasks that exist are tasks for Domino Clustering, Transaction Logging, and a slew for Lotus Sametime (Instant Messaging).

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