Troubleshooting Cascaded Name and Address Books

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Not for use after 4.62. Use Master Address Book/Directory instead. Cascaded will still work but are no longer the "supported" option.

Title:Troubleshooting Cascaded Name and Address Books
Product Area:Notes
Product:Notes 4.x, Notes 3.x
Topic:Workstation/Desktop \\ Application Development \\ Functionality


What are the troubleshooting steps you should use when cascaded Name and Address Books (N&A Books) are not working properly?


If the N&A Books are cascaded locally, you can troubleshoot them similarly to the way you troubleshoot public cascaded N&A Books, with one exception: For the evaluation of names or groups on local cascaded N&A Books, internal views (such as $Users) are not used. It is also important to note that locally cascaded N&A Books are not a supported configuration for Notes 3.x or Notes 4.0. In these releases, Lotus supports cascaded N&A Books only on a server. Locally cascaded N&A Books, however, are a supported configuration in Notes 4.1 and all subsequent releases.

      1. Make sure there is a Names= line in the server's NOTES.INI file.
          a. The first words after the equal sign must be names; for example:

          b. The names of the Address Books must be spelled correctly. If the name of an Address Book is misspelled, the Person records contained by that Book, as well as any Book that is listed after the misspelled Book, will not be seen by the mailer.

          c. You do not need to include the .NSF extension.

          d. Make sure that the server has only one NOTES.INI and that the Names line is in it.
      2. Make sure you are not trying to get information other than mail routing information for a person or a group.
          a. Mail routing is the only purpose for which you may use cascaded N&A Book's.
      3. If you create a new memo and select Address, does this other N&A Book appear in the drop-down list of the Mail Address dialog box?
          a. Make sure that the cascaded N&A Book is in the Notes data directory on the server.
          b. Check that the name is spelled correctly in the Names= line in the NOTES.INI.
      4. If you type a name in the SendTo field and press F9, does Notes give you a list of alternate people to send to?
          a. If it does, it has found matches for the name or group, using Soundex in the primary N&A Book. If Notes finds a match using Soundex in the primary N&A Book, Notes will offer you those names and then cease looking for a match in any cascaded N&A Book. Only in the event that Notes does not find an exact match or a match using Soundex will Notes continue to check the cascaded N&A Books.
          b. If you are unsure whether a name is being matched using Soundex, you can use the @Soundex function to check. For more information on using @Soundex or on Soundex in general, refer to the manual or to the document "How Does Soundex Work" (#110608 ).
      5. If you type in a name and press F9 or select Send, does the error "Name cannot be found in any address book" occur?
          a. If so, check whether there is a subdirectory in the Notes directory that has the same name as one of the address books. For example, if there is a subdirectory called admin and an Address Book called admin (such that the Names= line reads Names=names,admin,...), this error will occur. To resolve the issue, either remove the subdirectory or rename all the address books to include the .NSF extension (even though the .NSF extension is not usually needed).
      6. Does the N&A Book contain the internal views $Users, $PeopleGroupHier, and $PeopleGroupFlat?
          As mentioned above, local N&A Books do not use these views to evaluate names. On the server, however, these views are the means for evaluating groups and people. To ensure that you have these views, follow the steps below:
              a. Make a new database based on the N&A Book template and, as a test, put in a few Group documents and a few People documents.
              b. Run Updall -C to build an internal view, and load Statslog to record database sizes in the log file.

              c. Open the server log file and switch to the Database Sizes view.

              d. Find the newly built database, open this document, and find the list of views in the View Sizes field.
              e. Compare this list of views to the N&A Book that you are currently using and see if there are any missing views. (Do not worry about views with sizes of zero bytes. These views are not being used.)
              f. If you are missing views, copy these to the original cascaded NAB and run Updall -C and Statslog again.
              g. Check the log file again to be sure that these new views are there and that the $Users, $PeopleGroupHier, and $PeopleGroupFlat view sizes are not zero. (A zero-byte size would indicate that these views were not built correctly.)

Supporting Information:

For additional information on locally cascaded N&A Books, refer to the document "Setting Up Cascaded Name & Address Books on a Notes Workstation" (# 114206

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