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Author: Tripp Black

Created: 05/25/2011 at 10:36 AM


Domino - User Setup Information, Email Setup
iPhone, Android

Need to setup e-mail for use with Lotus Traveler with iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPod using the "Exchange" connection, or want to install the Android specific client on an Android phone.
Note: Earlier releases could only do ONE Exchange account. All other accounts have to IMAP ones.

Instructions for iPhone / iPad / iPod:
1. Bring URL up in Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

2. Log in using your user id / name and password.
(e.g. Jane Doe and janesPassw0rd)

3. Click the Generate an Apple Profile option.
This creates the bootstrap which downloads the setup.

4. Click the Install option.

5. Since the bootstrap file is generated dynamically, it will not be signed. So at the authenticity prompt, select Install Now to continue and install.
Note: If you use SSL and the domain name doesn't perfectly match (e.g. self certified or you used another FQDN), you will also have to choose to access anyway.

6. When prompted, enter your web password again.

7. Click Done when the install is done. You will be returned to Safari where you left off in step 3.
Please Note:
Your iPhone's ActiveSync account is created. It will now sync Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Return to the mail settings to change how much mail you sync, etc.
With the newer iOS software on the iPhones/iPads/IPod Touches, we noticed that you are no longer returned to Safari, but stay in your new mail account.

Other Notes:
If you have personal Contacts, you should add them to your Personal Address Book in Notes. They will synch to your mobile devices both ways (to and from the devices).
You will also now have the ability to do a (LDAP) search on the "Global" address book (Domino Directory), plus any other Directories configured in DA (Directory Assistance).

Instructions for Android Phones:

Your Android phone may not allow by default "non-Market" (carrier) installed apps to be installed. To turn this off, do the following:
Menu --> Settings --> Applications. Choose Unknown sources --> Choose Allow Installation of non-Market applications option.

If you installed a beta version, you need to remove it first. IBM doesn't not support upgrade from a beta version.

1. Bring up the URL in the web browser on the Android device:

2. Log in using your user id / name and password.
(e.g. Jane Doe and janesPassw0rd)

3. Choose Select an IBM Lotus Mobile Installer --> choose Android. Transfer / download the installer file. Select Open the file to run the installation.

4. Accept the license agreement via Agree.

5. Click Next at Welcome text .
a. Enter the server address for the Traveler server. (e.g.
(If you have a custom port use the standard :nnnn after the FQDN of the Traveler server.)
b. Enter the user name and password.
c. Click Next.

6. Wait for the setup to complete. Click Open to start the personalization configuration wizard. If you are prompted to install an update, click Yes to download and install it. Click Next on the opening text.

7. Select the applications/features you want to Sync. Choose whether to store the data using internal device storage or an attached SD (if available).
If you add SD later, you'll have to de-install and re-install to switch where you store data.
In addition, Android OS 2.2 on some devices would also wipe the SD storage when upgraded. So watch out and synch often. Supposedly this was fixed after version 2.2.

8. Select OK to complete this install and wait for synched data to populate your applications.

Android FAQs are also on the Lotus web site:

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