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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 02/23/2009 at 08:53 PM


Domino - User Setup Information
Adding/Changing Email Forwarding Information

There is a generic e-mail account with a mail file. When someone becomes this generic user and sends replies or new e-mail, another user needs to be copied. Rather than always complete the CC or BCC fields, it is desired that this happen automatically.

Issue Related:
You have dead mail and you want someone to be forwarded the dead messages to manually resolve that is not a Lotus admin. You would also like the dead mail deleted when forwarded successfully.

Solution 1:
This cannot be done with a server / router-based e-mail. The e-mail would be delivered to that person/mail file INSTEAD of the recipient.
It can be done by adding a mail rule at the server or in the user's mail file to the generic e-mail account, itself.

Note: These directions are for the Notes 8 Standard client. These directions can be adapted for Notes 6.5x, 7, and 8 Basic clients.
1. Open up the generic mail file.
2. In the Inbox folder, click the "More" option on the Toolbar.
3. Click the "Mail Rules" option.
4. In the Mail Rules view, click the "New Rule" button.
5. Create a rule for the generic ID sending to send a copy of all messages to the desired user.
Hide details for Example:Example:
In the example below, The mail sent by the MW Design/Mindwatering user will be copied to the president Nicki Black/Mindwatering.

6. Click OK, to save the new rule.

Test it out.

If delegation is enforce, then you may need have multiple sendors with ORs. In other words, you would need to put the generic ID and the manager(s) who might send mail on that user's behalf.

Solution 2:
This is a why-do-it-the-easy-way example, where a company was switching from one Notes Domain to another. The users could forward their mail if desired by selecting documents in the in-box (or another folder) and running an action in the mail client. The code includes the option to remove the document from the in-box (or other folder).


Solution Related:
You can forward and delete the dead e-mail messages using the LotusScript below. We typically run this from a central repository of custom agents (e.g. Utils/AdminUtilAgents.nsf).
We set the agent to run on schedule, say hourly, and set the selection to no documents (as the admin utility app hasn't any docs.) We don't recommend running it from within

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