Rigid Bodies - Constraints, Types

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/03/2018 at 04:44 PM



- Motor
- Generic Spring
- Generic
- Piston
- Slider
- Hinge
- Point
- Fixed


(for breaking an object into little pieces)

Go to User Preferences - Addons tab -> Search 'cell' -> enable Cell Fracture

Go to 3D View
Create a cup
Use a Subsurf modifier to create many polygons

T -> Object tools tab -> Click Cell Fracture button
Select cup -> Click 'ok' in the pop-up

Shift +A -> Mesh -> Sphere
Keyframe sphere to collide with cup
Give Rigid Body constraints to sphere and cup
Create a plane to catch shards

Give plane a Passive
Give sphere an Active
Give cup a Passive


(For creating dents)

Shift +A -> Mesh -> Cube
Go to Properties -> Physics -> Click Cloth
Mass = 0.3
Structural Stiffness = 0
Bending = 500
Spring = 1
Air = 3
Velocity = 0.17



Shift +A -> Mesh -> Torus
Go to Right Side View
Select torus -> R + 90 X
Edit Mode -> B -> Select upper half of torus -> Drag half up a short ways to create chain link shape
Object Mode -> Shift+Option+Command -> Origin to Center of Mass
Shift +D -> drag duplicate up until bottom arch near top arch -> R 90 Z
R to replicate until desired chain length achieved

Properties -> Physics tab -> Rigid Bodies Constraint
Set first link to Active
Select all links -> R+Click on first link again
T -> Tools -> Copy Active settings

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