Notes 8.5.2 Crashes on Calendar Display w/Invalid Show Calendar Entry

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/03/2013 at 12:18 PM


Using Lotus Notes
Issue Troubleshooting

Add a calendar entry to the "Show Calendar" list to overlay a calendar. However, the target calendar entry does not exist.
The entry was made from a local Contact rather than someone picked out of the Domino Directory.
When the Calendar icon is clicked, the interface briefly displays but then crashes to NSD.

This is issue with only 8.5.2 with Windows 7.
Notes 8.5.2
Revision: 20100811.1131

Could not reproduce in Notes 8.5.3 or Notes 9.0. Best solution is to upgrade client.

Use another Notes client (e.g. 9.0) to open the mail file, switch the ownership to that other admin, and remove the entry.
1. Add another administrator to the mail file. User needs at least Editor access to the mail file ACL.
2. Open up the mail file. Open up the Preferences from either a mail view, calendar view, or workstation Preferences dialog.
3. Under the Mail tab, change the Owner to the "another" admin. Click OK to save the change.
4. Close the mail file. Reopen the mail file to the Calendar view.
5. Under Show Calendars, remove the entry of the person who doesn't exist.
6. Close the mail file.
7. Remove the "another" admin entry from the ACL if needed.

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