Error When Connecting to Server: Connection Denied. The Server You Connected to Has a Different Name from the One Requested.

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Author: Tripp Black

Created: 12/14/2010 at 07:46 AM


Using Lotus Notes
Issue Troubleshooting

Error Message:
"Connection denied. The server you connected to has a different name from the one requested."

This is a Lotus Notes Client side error seen when connecting to a Domino server. This is a straight forward error message. It means that you connected to a different server than a connection document or DNS was intending.

I think I am accessing "joshua2/Mindwatering" but I unexpectedly connect to "enoch/Mindwatering". The status bar at the bottom of the Notes Client will generally tell you to what server you really connected.

For cases 1 and 2 below, a command prompt Ping will help you diagnose a DNS issue.
> ping joshua2

In all cases, the Notes Client Trace utility can be be used to diagnose the issue. The printout of the Trace will show DNS resolution and connection documents used to open the server. To get to the Trace utility, do:
File --> Preferences --> User Preferences --> (In dialog) Ports --> (In dialog) Trace button.

Solution 1:
Local DNS (FQDN to IP address) resolution is incorrect either in the DNS server's record that the workstation is using

Solution 2:
Local hosts file is overriding a correct DNS.
The host file can be found:

Solution 3:
A connection document in the users Contacts application (local address book) is incorrect. Update the connection document.
The connection documents can be found by clicking "Advanced" in the Contact's menu on the left and then choosing the Connections view.

Solution 4:
The user typed in the server name incorrectly manually in the File --> Application --> Open dialog.
User just needs to try again.

Solution 5:
If this is one of the mail bookmarks, then the user's mail server name is incorrect in its location document.

Solution 6:
If this is only when you are outside the local Intranet - you are at home at the Internet, then external DNS and internal DNS do not match, or the firewall is incorrectly configured and is mapping the external IP to the wrong internal IP address.

Solution 7:
The user meant to use the PassThru functionality where you get to one Notes server by passing through another one but they accidentally used a regular connection document . This is used when I don't have a path or allowed access to a Domino server on another network myself (as in my Lotus Notes client) but a Domino server does.

To fix this issue, simply update the connection document from a normal connection type to the Passthru type.

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