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Created: 05/03/2022 at 09:46 PM


Using Lotus Notes
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Tips for Using HCL Nice tool
"Notes Install Cleanup Utility"
NICE Tool 11.0.x for Windows English
2.26MB - Mar 26, 2020

Using the Notes Install Cleanup Executable (NICE) tool for Notes and ICAA
(Use the file link)

NOTE: Prior to running the NICE tool consider backing up your Data files. (Notes/data directory )
You can rename "data" folder to "data_old" to backup your data folder

1. Close the Notes Client
2. locate and extract the file
3. double click nice.exe
- choose the Notes Client that you are using
- optionally check "Remove all program files" and "Remove all data files"
4.Once it is done, rerun the nice.exe
- check the "Wipe mode"
- click "Remove" button
5. When the wipe mode is done you can proceed on installing the Notes Client

Scripted Use:
The tool can be run "silently" (e.g. by script) and can be passed options for its uninstall.

List of all possible Nice tool options:
-h Show help
-qn Silent mode
-qn+ Silent mode with status dialog box at the end
-qb Silent mode with progress bar
-qb+ Silent mode with progress bar and status dialog box at the end
-rp Remove program files
-rd Remove data files
-wipe Force removal of all Notes installation information
-rn Remove Notes installation
-ri Remove ICAA installation

As of 2022/05/03, we do not see a separate download for the NICE tool in FlexNet for Notes 12.0.1.
Therefore, use the KB0040768 article download.

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