Installing Domino Apps App on iPad - IBM Domino Mobile Apps

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 04/26/2019 at 07:28 PM


Using Lotus Notes
Access a Notes/Domino Server

Install and set-up the IBM Domino Mobile Apps app from the Apple Store onto an iPad.

You should have the user ID(s) in an ID vault before setup. If you don't do this, you'll have to manually transfer the file via iTunes otherwise.
( iTunes --> Mobile icon of the iPad --> Select the app, IBM Domino Mobile Apps --> Drag and drop the file.

Occasionally, we would experience the 10 second time-out. If in an app, you have to just click whatever you clicked on 10 seconds before. If you were in the Open Application dialog, you'd have to do click Cancel and then click Open Application again.

Our users were used to single click for buttons, but were surprised that the Notes client double click to open a document in a view was still there, was a double click in the app on the iPad, as well. BTW, a Domino developer can program a view to open a document with a single click, as well.

Java code does NOT run. However, a LotusScript button or @Formula button that kicks off a server side agent that happens to run Java worked great. :-)
It's just that the iPad has no Java support itself.

Lastly, the iPad version of Notes, as we've been calling it, doesn't have the Apple or MS Windows wait icon, if you click something, nothing spins. So the users would sometimes click the same area twice if impatient. It was therefore possible to click the first button, and then also click the second button that became visible (at the same location) by accident.

1. Verify your version of IOS is at least iOS version 11.04 or higher.

2. Get the app from the following page. We sent the link below in a text message to our pilot users.

Click the Get button to download the app. Enter your Apple ID's password, if prompted.

1. Click the IBM Domino Mobile Apps icon on the home page screen to start it.
2. Complete the set-up wizard -- This is MUCH like setting up a Notes client on a workstation.
a. On the first page, enter your name and the home server name.
e.g. Jane Doe/Mindwatering
e.g. DomApp1/Mindwatering
Click Next.

Since our server doesn't have external DNS for just DomApp1, we had to enter it's external FQDN address, in an overlaid pop-up dialog.

3. After the complete message we were presented with an empty Recents workspace with dotted lines where app chicklets would populate.

Open An App:
1. We clicked stack home icon, in the top left corner, to get the menu.
At the menu, choose Open Application. In the pop-up, next to Look In, switch from On My Device, by clicking the little arrow, and choose the server.
e.g. DomApp1/Mindwatering
The files and folders on the server will display. Scroll to the app desired and select the app (by it's name).

2. The application may open the About document if the developer programmed it to do so. (We did for our apps.) Close the About page, and you'll see the same main "menu" for the app, that you'd see in the Notes client.

Make a Local Replica:
1. With the application opened in its tab, select the menu (stack) icon again, and then choose Make Available Offline. Adjust the defaults if desired, and then click OK.

The default is to limit attachments to the first 10 MB. This doesn't work for us with the type of work we do. So we unchecked that option to give us the full attachments.

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