Migrating Mail from Outlook Express (Local PST) to Outlook 2007 (Exchange)

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 11/08/2008 at 02:03 AM


Email Setup

You currently use Outlook Express and Outlook 2007 installed on the same computer. You want to migrate your OE mail to Outlook 2007.
You currently use Outlook Express and Outlook 2007 is installed on another computer. You want to migrate your OE mail to Outlook 2007.

You should already configure Outlook to Exchange before completing these steps.

When both are installed on same computer:
1. Start Outlook.
2. Under "File" on the menu, click on "Import and Export".
3. Choose the option "Import Internet Mail and Addresses".
4. Click the "Next" button.
5. Click Outlook Express option.
6. Click "Next" again.
7. Select the "Import Mail" check box.
8. Click "Next" again.
9. Click "Finish".
10. At the end you have an option to save a summary of the export/import/migration. Click the "Save in Inbox" option to save a copy of it in your Outlook in-box.

When Outlook Express and Outlook 2007 are installed on different computers:
Part 1:
1. Start Outlook Express on the "source" computer.
2. Under "Tools" on the menu, click the "Options" option.
3. Click the tab "Maintenance" in the Options dialog that is displayed.
4. Click the "Store Folder" button. (We need to locate where your Outlook Express is keeping the mail.)
5. In the Store Location pop-up dialog, write down the path.
(e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\myname\Local Settings\Application Data\)
6. Click the "Cancel" button to get out of the pop-up.
7. Close the Options dialog.

Part 2:
1. Open Windows Explorer. (Program Files --> Accessories --> Windows Explorer)
2. Change your preferences so that hidden files are visible.
2a. Under "Tools" on the menu, choose the "Folder Options" option.
2b. Click the "View" tab on the Folder Options dialog window.
2c. Under "Hidden files and folders", switch to the radio button to "Show hidden files and folders".
2d. Click the "OK" button to confirm the change.

Part 3:
1. Navigate into the hidden Application Data folder you wrote down in step 5 above.
2. Copy the Outlook Express folder from that location to a USB stick, hard-drive, or shared network drive.
3. If a USB stick or hard-drive or other removable media, safely disconnect the media from the source computer.

Part 4:
1. Copy the files from the USB media or the network drive to the computer's hard-drive where Outlook 2007 is installed.

a. Don't leave on the network drive or removable media, but copy to the target machine's. This may not work otherwise.
b. Copy to a temporary location. My personal preference is "c:\temp".

Part 5:
(You now are going to temporarily do a partial setup of Outlook Express enough so that you can then do the Outlook import.)
1. Start Outlook Express (not Outlook yet).
2. Click "Cancel" to the create an e-mail account wizard.
3. Under "Tools" on the menu, click the "Options" option.
4. In the Options Dialog, click the "Maintenance" tab.
5. On the Maintenance tab, click the "Store Folder" button.
6. In the Store Folder pop-up dialog, click the "Change" button.
7. In the Browse for Folder pop-up dialog, navigate to the temporary folder (e.g. c:\temp) where you copied the Outlook Express documents and click the Outlook Express folder you copied.
7. Click the "OK" button to close the Browse for Folder pop-up.
8. Click the "OK" button to close the Store Location pop-up.
9. Close the "Options" dialog with the "OK" button.
10. Exit Outlook Express.
11. Start Outlook Express and then immediately, leave it again. (This second time may be needed.)

Part 6:
1. Now complete the Outlook 2007 steps, for the same computer migration at the top of this page.
2. Congratulations, you finally migrated your mail messages.
(now you get to migrate you contacts and your mail rules...)

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