Changing Directory Type from External / LDAP to Domino Directory
Mindwatering Incorporated
Tripp W Black on 03/13/2008 at 06:08 PM

Category: Domino Upgrades / Installations

You have changed the current QuickPlace / Quickr server from "External" (LDAP) to Domino Directory. The names in the places are all still in external (LDAP) format. You need to convert the names from ldap to normal Domino canonical hierarchical format.

Use the qptool changehierarchy command to change the format of the "distinguished" (hierarchical) names of external (LDAP) members to use the Lotus Domino forward slash (/) delimiter.

ou=raleigh,o=mw = the current ldap format,
ou=raleigh/o=mw = new native Domino canonical format

load qptool changehierarchy -sourceh ou=raleigh,o=mw -targeth ou=raleigh/o=mw -p placename
load qptool changehierarchy -sourceh ou=raleigh,o=mw -targeth ou=raleigh/o=mw -a
(for all Places)

You must restart the Domino service after performing this change.

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