Admin Client Error Clicking People or Groups View on Server w/ Configuration Directory Option Set
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Tripp W Black on 01/30/2017 at 04:40 PM

Category: Domino Server Issues Troubleshooting
Notes Client

When switching servers, an error pop-up displays complaining about a doclink for the Person and Group views.

This Domino server is a mail server that was set-up with a configuration directory; so it doesn't have local person, group docs, and settings docs, etc. It has to go to another server to get people and group information. Mail routing is working fine, so the problem is local to the Admin client rather than the Domino server itself.

The admin client is trying to reach an app server that is within the Domain but for which the Domino server, with the config only setup, doesn't have any relationship (connection doc), etc.

First we added a connection doc w/in the local Contacts app to the app server w/Normal priority. We confirmed we could "open" the server, afterwards successfully. But it did not fix the issue.

Second, we also confirmed that the current user was in the LocalDomainAdmins group still and his server was in the LocalDomainServers group still. There was no access issue to the main hub server for the Domain nor the target app server.

Third, we looked up the documentation and found out that if the server doesn't have an full Directory server cached, it then sorts the servers in the Rep History of the Directory and uses them alphabetically. The app server was the first server alphabetically. This process is how this problem started.

Fourth, we performed Traces on the client and the mail server and the Admin client and the mail server both successfully connected to the app server.

Fifth, we manually opened names.nsf with the admin client. (e.g. File --> Application --> Open), manually typed the server address into the dialog (since it wasn't there), and then selected the Domain (names.nsf), opened it.

Once we did this fifth step, the People and Groups tab functioned normally. The app server was now in the drop-down list, and evidently that was the solution -- the Admin client has to have opened the server and an app, so its list of known servers (in the drop-down) included the app server.

1. If DNS doesn't resolve the app server, create a Connection document w/in the Contacts app for the local administrative workstation/Notes client.
2. Open the server (File --> Application --> Open) and open the directory (or any other app), so that the app displays. Once this is done, the server will show in the drop-down of known servers, and the issue goes away.

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