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Tripp W Black on 12/17/2015 at 06:24 PM

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How to import video.

1. Ensure you have the right bin or folder selected.
( If you don't, the Import option may be grayed out. )

2a. Do File --> Import . . .
2b. Select the video file.


If you don't want to lose anything in a transcode, you can try an AMA link instead.
2a. Do File -> AMA Link ...

3a. Choose the transcode format. (e.g. DNxHD).
(The files are put in the Avid MediaFiles folder. The PMR file is created which contains the list of media files.)

Plugins are listed here:

Avid Media Composer supports natively via AMA as linked above. The Quicktime plugins are installed by default on Mac.
If you want, you can also install the MXF plugins.

Also supported natively via AMA. (Basically is the same as above with interframe disabled.)

Also supported natively with the default plug-in within the MOV container/wrapper.
You need to do a one-time free activation for the Dolby AC-3 codec to use this plugin.

This is Avid's format. You can AMA link or import videos and audio.

HDV and DV
HDV is supported natively. The files are in a MXF container/wrapper. Use a AMA link, as above.

Images - TIFF, PSD, JPEG, others.
Supports still images including an alpha channel.

Also supported natively via a MOV container/wrapper like H.264. If you want a MXF container, install the plugin like for H.264.

MXF (Cannon XF / MXF)
Format of the Cannon XF series and the EOS cameras. Not installed by default. Use the plugin link above.
The files are in a MXF container/wrapper. Use a AMA link, as above.

Redcode Raw R3D/RMD
Supports Redcode Raw natively after the plugin is downloaded using the link above. (Restart Avid Media Composer after installing plug-in.)
Right click to adjust the raw source settings after selecting. Audio files will be converted/transcoded to WAV format.

See the Avid manual for a full list for the current version of Avid Media Composer.

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