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Tripp W Black on 08/26/1999 at 07:51 PM

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The short of it. Unless you are starting a new web site and just want to see how they work...
Don't turn them on! They are "bite you's" as I tell my toddler daughter.

Most likely, if you are reading this, it is to late. Here is the information I have for you:

Navigation Bars

Once on they are on, they are on forever. You can only choose whether or not a particular page uses them. (I you haven't asked for a publish, since doing it - i.e. the copy of your web site still doesn't have navigation bars turned on, I can publish in reverse. That works most of the time to strip it off. Occasionally, they are still on anyway, and there is nothing to else to do except kill your folder and create a new one and import all your existing files back into the new one. (Takes a few hours.)


This is a nasty little thing. FP 98 will give you a dialog box to ask if you are sure. Cancel out then. Since it is probably to late for that and you said yes. Here's what I've got. Once you turn on themes it erases the existing page properties (background, link, & text colors) and replaces them with the specific theme's page properties. Once you realize that is a mistake and turn off the theme, you are left with a web site that contains no page properties for any of its pages. You are now left with only two options:
  • If you maintain a "local" (c: drive) copy and publish to the Mindwatering servers, you can publish in reverse. Have a support person take you through publishing your existing site from the server to your local web server (ie. Personal Web Server).
  • By hand go back into each and every file and reset the page properties.

Most people that do "publish", choose the first option and just re-edit their pages as necessary. If you ignored the problem and I have published with the themes turned off for you. You are out of luck. Your only options are to scrap the folder or do option two above.

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