Outlook Express 6 Secure Mindwatering-Based Mail Setup
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Tripp W Black on 11/21/2006 at 08:21 AM

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The instructions assume you have Outlook 6 / Outlook 6 Express or newer. Different versions and releases of Outlook have variations in the layout, fields, and field labels. If you cannot translate from these setup instructions to your version, contact Mindwatering Support.

These settings assume you have already set your mail using the new account wizard, and are needing to adjust your settings accordingly.
If you have not done so, go through the basic wizard setup. See basic setup instructions by clicking this document link: Database 'Support Reference', View 'Support Library\Users\Email Setup and FAQs', Document 'Outlook Express 6.x'.

For these instructions, we are assuming your domain is "mwclient.com" and your e-mail address is "coolperson@mwclient.com".

Settings for secure (SSL) based POP and SMTP:

Start Outlook if not already running.
On the menu bar, choose Tools --> Accounts.
On the Internet Accounts dialog, choose the Mail Tab (or All tab).
Highlight your Mindwatering-based domain and click the 'Properties' button.
In the Account Properties dialog, verify your settings for the account are formatted the same. Make proper adjustments for your actual name, e-mail, and domain name:

General Tab:
Name: Cool Person
E-mail coolperson@mwclient.com
Show details for Image (click triangle/twistie to view)Image (click triangle/twistie to view)
Servers Tab:
Incoming Server Type: POP3 server
Incoming POP3 Server Address: mail.mwclient.com OR pop.mwclient.com
Outgoing SMTP Server Address: mail.myclient.com
Account name (login id): coolperson@mwclient.com
Password: **********
Remember Password: box checked to remember password always
Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication: box checked
Click the 'Settings' button, and confirm that use same settings as incoming is selected.
Show details for Image (click triangle/twistie to view)Image (click triangle/twistie to view)
Advanced Tab:
Outgoing SMTP Mail Port No: 465
SSL Required Check Box: Checked
Incoming POP3 Mail Port No: 995
SSL Required Check Box: Checked
Show details for Image (click triangle/twistie to view)Image (click triangle/twistie to view)
Click the 'Apply' and 'Ok' buttons to save any updates.
Create a new memo / e-mail via the 'Create Mail' button on the tool bar.
Perform the following:

In the From drop down combo-box, select the Mindwatering-based account (e.g. MWClient).
Add a subject and test body.
Click the 'Send' button.
Note: Unless you have purchased your own SSL key (you would know if you did), you probably will get a dialog that says the SSL does not match your domain name. Afterwards, the message should send correctly.

If you get an error, check for typos in your Account settings. If none found, contact Mindwatering support for more assistance.

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