FP2000 - How to a Open a Web Site

Tripp W Black on 08/26/1999 at 07:51 PM

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Open Web Page

1. Open FrontPage2000 ("Start" button to "Programs" folder, Frontpage icon will be below the subfolders.) You will have a screen which looks like the one below:
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2. Click "File" on the menu bar and select "Open Web".
(If you click the open icon within the FrontPage window the default type of web to open will be "my webs" off your local machine. This is equivalent to choosing "Open" instead of "Open Web".
Note: Once you open a server, Frontpage will remember the server and it will display in the large open area to the right when in the "Web Folders" category.
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3. Whether you are in the "My Web" or the "Web Folders" category views, you may simple just enter the server name and directory to load your web site. In other words, you don't have to be in the right cateogory view to type in a web site for loading. With either view you have to type the web site into the "file name" field and press the "Open" button.

The address should be this format: "http://serverdomain.com/websitefolder"
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4. You will now be presented with an "Authentication" dialog box asking you for your username and password. You need to enter them to continue. Your password is case sensitive.
Note: If you have author access for a sub-web (not the main web site) only, you must specify the exact sub web folder name when typing the address.
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5. At this point FrontPage will load your web site into one of two windows. If it is the first time loaded, the site opens back in the Frontpage window. If it is not a new web site, it loads within the open dialog box where you can keep navigating until you are ready to load a web page.
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